Reusable Line Smoothing Patches by Luna Rosa

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Hypoallergenic medical grade silicone patches for eyes (2), forehead (1), face (2), and neck (1). Patches are reusable for approximately 15-30 uses. 

How does it work?
Silicone patches work through the power of occlusion! Occlusion is what happens when the silicone pad adheres to your skin, closing it off to create a micro-environment for your skin to hydrate and regenerate itself. It locks in moisture and draws hydration to the surface of the skin, making your cells nice and full which in turn smooths lines for an immediate plumping effect. The circulation it stimulates has been proven to also encourage collagen production—this provides the long term benefits of added firmness and elasticity! Your skin care will work better, fluid retention will be reduced, and you will see an overall smoother surface due to the gentle compression the patches provide. The patches also work in a preventative manner by stabilizing the face while sleeping to avoid the lines that appear by repeated pressure from sleeping positions and pillows.