Nanomister- black, by Luna Rosa

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It looks like steam but it’s mist! What exactly is a Nanomister? This handy pocket sized skincare machine uses a high-speed vibration to break up liquid into tiny particles. The droplets are so very small (0.3 microns) that they almost look like smoke! Because of how small they are, your skin is better able to absorb them. Give your day and night skincare routine a boost with an extra dose of hydration, use to set makeup, reach for it throughout the day to refresh your skin, compensate your skin in dryer climate or weather, or just simply enjoy the ultra fine mist! 

Simply fill the mister’s reservoir with distilled water and gave yourself a spritz! You can lock in the hydration with moisturizer on top or simply on it own. You can even dilute your favorite facial spray or toner and use that—it’s great with our Agua Dulce inside! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without atomized water particles.
Comes with dropper for easy refilling and it’s own charging cord. Sleek black design.